13 December 2010

Something New

I'm not really a frou-frou kind of guy; I definitely prefer substance over fanciful and unnecessary decoration. I'm one of those people who actually uses the phrase, "gilding the lily" frequently. So, it surprised me as much as anyone when I discovered, tried, messed up, and retried this little skill. This is my third attempt, I believe, and I'm just starting to get the hang of it from the consistency of the icing to the time I have before it sets. I'm not going to lie—I could fall in love with fancily decorated sugar cookies, as long as they're Momlene's sugar cookies or a suitable variation. I've had fun trying different ideas, patterns, shapes, and color combinations. I've almost mastered the peppermint swirl you see on those candies, but I have yet to find a suitable canvas on which to use it. Sad, indeed.


Amy Elizabeth said...

Royal icing scares me. How does it taste?

I think they're lovely, btw. Yes, I just used "text-speak" to say by the way. I'm special.

James said...

I think they taste just fine. It's not buttercream, because, well, nothing is, but I like them. The cookies and hard royal icing just sort of fuse together and create a new and yummy flavour.